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Cutting edge fridges and freezers save energy

Technology cuts costs

At Bosch we take energy efficiency very seriously, and we work hard to make our fridge and freezer products some of the most energy efficient performers in the industry

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A++ energy efficiency

Save energy with a Bosch fridge or freezer

Your fridge or freezer is on 24 hours a day,so it is important that it does not waste energy. With the exception of the wine coolers, every model in the range has been awarded at least an A+ in the EU Energy Efficiency rating scheme. Using as much as 20% less energy than equivalent A-rated models, and we even offer eight super efficient models with an A++ rating that use up to 40% less energy than an equivalent A-rated model
Longer lasting food

Longer lasting food is good for the environment

"Thanks to the advanced technology incorporated into each and every Bosch refrigeration appliance, food stays fresher for longer. That means less food ends up in the rubbish bin. Plus more food can be bought in bulk, which means fewer shopping trips, and so less waste of natural resources."
Green technology inside

Green Technology inside

Look out for this Bosch energy effi ciency symbol as it is there to help you identify our most energy effi cient models. You will see it next to all our cooling products that are rated A++.
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