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Let Karl explain

Watch and learn how to get more out of your Bosch Home Appliances with Karl The Bosch Engineer's How To Videos
White Bosch Washing Machine with VarioPerfect technology to save either time or energyKarl the Bosch Engineer explains Bosch's range of super quiet home appliances including Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers and Washing Machines

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Let Karl Explain How To...

Watch Karl the Bosch Engineer explain how to organise your fridge to preserve food longer and reduce food spoilage and waste

How to…organise your fridge.

Knowing the best place to store different foods is easy thanks to Karl’s simple video guide. Find everything more easily and help reduce waste, as the average family in the UK throws away £700 worth of food every year.

Watch Karl the Bosch Engineer explain how to quickly and easily change a Fridge Lightbulb

How to…change a fridge light bulb.

See Karl’s video showing you exactly how quick and easy it is to replace a light bulb in your fridge. When the light bulb goes, there’s no need to call out an engineer.

Watch Karl the Bosch Engineer explain how to correctly use a Bosch Steam Generator Iron

How to…use a steam generator iron.

Karl shows you the correct way to use steam on all garments. Perfect the use of steam irons on your board, for suits on hangers and even for curtains. It’s quick and easy when you know how.

Watch Karl the Bosch Engineer explain how to quickly and easily remove grease and oil stains from clothes.

How to…remove grease and oil stains.

Tough stains, like grease and oil from foods, need a little bit of help to be completely removed during the wash cycle. Watch Karl show you how to do that quickly and easily.

Watch Karl the Bosch Engineer explain how to quickly and easily defrost a Freezer

How to…defrost a freezer.

Defrosting your freezer is quick and simple – let Karl show you how. Frost build up makes appliances run less efficiently which could affect temperatures inside, so your food is not kept in optimum conditions.

Watch Karl the Bosch Engineer explain how to correctly iron a shirt, learn how to get your shirts ironed perfectly everytime

How to…iron a shirt.

Struggling to get your shirts as crisp and sharp as you like? Watch Karl’s How To guide for some great hints and tips to get your shirts perfectly ironed every time.

Watch Karl the Bosch Engineer explain the new EU energy labels for Vacuum Cleaners, learn what to look for and make informed decisions

How to…understand vacuum cleaner EU energy labelling

Karl explains what’s on a typical label, after which you’ll be able to quickly find out everything about the cleaning performance, energy efficiency, sound level and more of any particular model.

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