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Logixx 8 washing machine

Logixx 8 washing machine

EcoSilence Drive™ makes the Logixx 8 VarioPerfect™ the fastest, most effective and energy efficient Bosch washing machine ever. It's also one of the quietest washing machines we've ever built too.

EcoSilence Drive

EcoSilence Drive™

Our revolutionary brushless motor is quieter, faster, more energy efficient, durable and powerful. Using advanced technology EcoSilence Drive™ achieves maximum power with minimum energy loss.
A+++ energy efficient

More energy efficient

The EcoSilence Drive™ is 35% more efficient than a standard motor. Using up to 30% less energy than the qualifying rate for energy efficiency class A.
Time saving

More time saving

With its outstanding efficiency factor, the EcoSilence Drive™ takes less time to achieve peak performance.
More durability

More durability

The design of the EcoSilence Drive™ means very low wear and tear giving a long life expectancy.
Less noise

Less noise

EcoSilence Drive™ is a brushless motor, which means high frequency motor brush noise is eliminated. The drive is fully encapsulated which prevents dirt from entering and creating noise.
AntiVibration Design

AntiVibration Design™

The spiral design of the washing machine sidewalls increases stability and reduce vibrations. Improved sound insulation and low noise shock absorbers dampen noise further giving you a whisper quiet machine.
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