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Tassimo hot drinks machines

What makes TASSIMO so special? Quite a lot.

What makes TASSIMO so special? Quite a lot.

Do you prefer latte macchiato or cappuccino? No matter which one of over 40* different drinks is your heart’s delight – TASSIMO will prepare it just right. The TASSIMO hot beverage system is a pleasure for any taste – from classic filtered coffee to latte macchiato, espresso to delicious hot chocolate and tea. Your drink will be ready at the push of a button! *Offer available at

Tassimo Modelle

What makes TASSIMO so special? Quite a lot.

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TASSIMO SUNY: So fast. So varied. So delicious!

TASSIMO SUNY: So fast. So varied. So delicious!

The new TASSIMO SUNY is incredibly easy to operate. Thanks to our SmartStart technology, you just need to press the cup against the front surface to start the brewing process. Which leaves you to concentrate on the finer things in life – and gives you more time for enjoyment.

Buy a TASSIMO SUNY from the Bosch store
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Precisely measured flavour: <br/> T DISC-System INTELLIBREW™

Precisely measured flavour:

T DISCs are patented capsules, specially made for use in TASSIMO machines. A barcode on every single T DISC is read by the machine and gives all needed information for the right drink length, temperature and brewing time. You can also safely switch drinks as often as you want since the T DISC system prevents any taste transfer and a steam rinse automatically purges the dispenser after every drink.  Your favorite drink – just perfect every time!



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  • The BRITA MAXTRA water filter system
    The BRITA MAXTRA water filter system A BRITA MAXTRA water filter system is installed in the water tank of your TASSIMO. This filter system from BRITA reduces limescale and chlorine to a minimum, thereby ensuring improved aroma and better taste in each cup. The filter system also guarantees a longer appliance life. A digital memo lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced.
    The BRITA MAXTRA water filter system
  • variety Espresso, caffè crema, filter coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea. TASSIMO offers more than 40* speciality drinks from a range of popular brands.With TASSIMO, you can enjoy delicious hot drinks whatever your taste. For the whole family, for your friends and for you!
  • BRITA MAXTRA cartridge
    BRITA MAXTRA cartridge A free BRITA MAXTRA filter cartridge is included in the delivery.
    BRITA MAXTRA cartridge


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  • Cupstand Suny Suitable for all cups: The flexible cup stand is height-adjustable and can be removed completely, meaning that it has easily enough space for all cups, glasses and mugs.
    Cupstand Suny
  • Fully automatic one control  operation.
    Fully automatic one control operation. Preparing delicious hot drinks can be so easy! Your TASSIMO makes it so easy, and with little effort required, to prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks. Simply insert a T DISC and start the fully automatic preparation using the practical one button operation. That is how easily you and your loved ones can indulge yourselves with specialities from TASSIMO and enjoy life!
    Fully automatic one control  operation.
  • LCD
    LCD You can operate your TASSIMO intuitively thanks to the multilingual LCD.It keeps you informed at every step of the brewing process in the language of your choice. Enjoy your favourite drink, and the LCD will let you know the stage the machine is in, if the water tank needs filling or if the machine needs descaling. Select one of 20 languages.
  • HeatUp Time
    HeatUp Time .Thanks to the innovative flow-through heater, the TASSIMO does not take a long time to heat up, and you can prepare your first hot drink immediately. Water does not have to be heated up between different drinks, either. Prepare delicious hot drink specialities for yourself, your family and friends in no time at all.
    HeatUp Time
  • Watertank 08 The practical water tank is easy to remove. You can fill it up
    Watertank 08
  • Watertank 15
    Watertank 15 The practical water tank is easy to remove. You can fill it up straight from the tap. The tank holds up to 1.5 litres of water.
    Watertank 15
  • XL Watertank Joy
    XL Watertank Joy Despite its compact size, this TASSIMO boasts an extra-large water tank, which is particularly handy when you want to make lots of delicious drinks one after another. You do not need to refill the tank with water as often, meaning you can concentrate entirely on your guests and enjoying your favourite drinks.
    XL Watertank Joy
  • Autocleaning Dealing
    Autocleaning Dealing When you purchase your TASSIMO, you will also receive the service T DISC.. The service T DISC includes the appropriate barcode that is required to clean the brewing system and perform the automatic descaling program. It lets you know when your machine needs to be descaled.
    Autocleaning Dealing


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  • Cupstandlight Fidelia
    Cupstandlight Fidelia The illuminated cup stand presents your favourite drinks in the right light from the start. Speciality drinks from TASSIMO are clearly in the limelight and light up the eager faces of friends and family.
    Cupstandlight Fidelia

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