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Ultimate flexibility with our new FlexInduction hobs

FelxInduction hobs

One, two, three pots or even a large casserole: the new FlexInduction hob leaves it up to you. At the flick of a switch, you can combine two induction zones into a large induction surface on which you can cook the way you want.

New FlexInduction hob

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FlexInduction hobs


Our new FlexInduction hobs feature two standard circular cookzones and one rectangular FlexInduction zone covering the length of the hob, consisting of four 20 cm x 9 cm induction coils. This is great for multiple pans, large pans or for placing pans of varying sizes anywhere on the zone.
FlexInduction hob small item

Small item detection

A zone must be 30% covered to activate, so it is less likely that a small item such as a knife or spoon will activate the hob, making it even safer. Conversely, the fact that each individual induction zone is smaller within the Flexinduction zone, smaller diameter pans will still be activated.

Green technology inside

Even more energy efficient

Induction hobs are already more energy efficient than other hobs, but FlexInduction saves even more energy. Because it is made up of 4 separate zones, only the zones actually covered will activate, so for example, a small pan would only activate one zone.
FlexInduction hob connect

Connect/Disconnect mode

With FlexInduction you can control 2 pots separately on ‘Disconnect’ default mode. Alternatively, use the whole area on ‘Connect’ for a large casserole, fish kettle or several pans – there’s plenty of space and you can use it any way you like.

Better heat distribution

A large pan placed on the FlexInduction zone will benefit from more even heat distribution. For example a fish kettle or griddle is the wrong shape for a standard circular zone. The Flexinduction zone ensures that every part of the pan is served by an induction zone, eliminating hot and cold spots and giving you perfect results every time.
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